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Mask by Anna Thaney
Address: Madison, WI
Short Description: SFX Makeup Artist
Long Description:

I am a SFX Makeup artist specializing in gore, zombie, horror, bruises, cuts etc.

Phone Number: 608-556-2591
Chaunte Thorpe
Address: Madison, WI
Short Description: SFX Makeup Artist
Long Description:

SFX Makeup Artist specializing in gore, horror, zombie, cuts, bruises etc.

Phone Number: 608-556-2591
Address: 53211
Short Description: Milwaukee-based Gaffer/Electrician with 10 years of experience in feature-length film, TV shows, and commercials.
Long Description:

I began working on sets in 2011 and found myself in the professional lane of G&E to shape and create beautiful images through lighting. Although based in the midwest, I am more than willing to travel and see how more of the earth is lit.

Phone Number: 903-376-3350
Roland Rosenkranz
Address: 2430 12th Ave Los Angeles CA. 90018
5010 Odana Rd Madison wi 53711
Short Description: Film & Television Production Designer for over 25 years. Hails from, and is familiar with Wisconsin!
Long Description:

representation; APA agency, Los Angeles

Phone Number: 213-248-2266
Heavy Visuals
Short Description: Stop Motion Animation and Live Action Production Services
Long Description:

Hand-dipped eye candy for shows, spots, shorts & docs.

Address: 118th Street
Twin Lakes, Wi.
Long Description:

118th Street Film Location has so many options to offer your production with its diverse interior and exterior spaces. Whether it's the evergreen-shaded driveway, the large sunlit field in the back, the pool that lights at night, a comfy loft or a romantic fire place you’ll find this location is second to none when setting the stage for your cinematic vision. Located in the heart of the Midwest with easy access to two major cities, Chicago and Milwaukee.

Send us a message about your project. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss how 118th Street can support your film/photoshoot site needs.

Lighting equipment available on site to rent. Home cooked catering services offered and added upon request.

Phone Number: 262-877-9940