Do I need permits to film in Wisconsin?

  • The short answer is “not usually,” but visit our Permit Guide to find out!

Does Wisconsin offer production tax incentives?

  • Again, the short answer is “no,” however, there are many benefits of filming in our state. We even made a power point to send to friends that might not realize how awesome it is. 
  • For up to date incentives information, visit ProductionIncentives.com

How do I create a profile?

Go to the Sign In drop down menu and click Registration. You will then receive an email to confirm your Registration. Click this and it will send you to your Profile. To return to your profile once you are logged in, go to the Sign In menu and click My Profile.

How do I get added to the directory?

Go to the Resources drop down menu and click Film Wisconsin Directory. Scroll down and select Create a Listing.

Are there any grants for filming in Wisconsin?

  • Sure! Here’s a short list.
  • You can always find nationwide grants specific to the parameters of your project. For example, here is a list for Female Filmmakers.