Lauren Barker
Address: Local to Milwaukee. Can be local to Madison with enough notice. Willing to travel!
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I am an assistant camera with over two years of experience. I have worked with multiple RED, Blackmagic, Sony, and Canon camera models and various cinema lens brands. I am comfortable working with all types of crews and have worked on commercial, corporate, TV, film, documentary, and live events. As a videographer, I have shot conferences and live events, including stand up comedy shows. I am building my experience as a writer and director for independent films and have completed multiple short films and one feature.

Phone Number: 608-513-6618
Address: 53222
Short Description: Looking to do more freelance!
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Hey there!
I’m hoping to break into more freelance work and can do a variety of jobs/roles. I was an Associate Producer at Harley-Davidson for 9 months, have created several student shows that aired on PBS, love being behind the camera and being creative. I can edit in AVID, but am working on getting better in Premiere.

Short Description: KPK is a poet, playwright, and director residing in Milwaukee, WI.
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Kristin Peterson was born and raised in rural-suburban Wisconsin, has a twin sister Monica, and fully identifies as a Libra Sun, Cancer Moon, and Capricorn Rising.

In 2012, she graduated from UW-Milwaukee with a degree in documentary journalism. She recently worked as a producer for the top 25 advertising agency BVK (Wyoming Tourism, CITGO, Maine Tourism, United Way). Previously, Peterson spent three years programming the Beloit International Film Festival. After watching hundreds of submitted films and gaining inspiration, she began directing her own short films, some of which went on to screen at festivals such as the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, and Sarasota International Film Festival.

Currently, she is a filmmaker, dramatic writer, and a published poet living in Milwaukee, WI. “Ringolevio” is her debut feature film. Her poetry has been published by such presses as dancing girl press, ICHNOS, Z Publishing, pity milk press; with her first full poetry collection “somnieeee” coming out Summer 2019 from Vegetarian Alcoholic Press. In 2018, her debut music video “Gravetalking” (Artist: Amanda Huff) received both the Milwaukee Film Festival and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Best Music Video awards.

Kristin Peterson was also the first artist-in-residence at Academy Award Winning John Ridley’s newly launched No Studios. She is also on the Executive Committee for the Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance, a non-profit that aims to support artistic and commercial filmmaking in the area.

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Heavy Visuals
Short Description: Stop Motion Animation and Live Action Production Services
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Hand-dipped eye candy for shows, spots, shorts & docs.