Black Voices in Production

Film Wisconsin presents Black Voices in Production
*A Zoom Roundtable*

Supported by the Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance (MFA)

What is this? You missed it?

We recently hosted a Webinar with some new and familiar Black voices in our local industry!

Production has made a variety of leaps and bounds over the last decade with the Me Too movement, Womxn in film and now Covid. As we all begin to adjust to our new summer pace, Film Wisconsin wanted to give space for more conversations on inclusion.

Our aim is to foster a community that represents the diversity in our state. How can we understand our current challenges in our industry to create sustainable solutions?

This Webinar served as a safe discussion space for new and familiar voices.

We took Notes!

We had a good note taker, please reference HERE

Missed it Live?Use Password: #9%ha!Jv

We also shared some resources!

Badger Guide
Crew, Vendors etc in Wisconsin!

Black in Film
National Database, “Seeks to increase visibility and encourage growth for black people in the film industry”

Brown Girls Doc Mafia (BGDM) Summer 2020 Database
A current BIPOC database of BGDM members ready to go back to work! International list!

D’arby Rose Patreon
Is an intersectional feminist, advocating for the rights and inclusion of BIPOC, womxn-identifying, and marginalized folks in the workplace by providing guidance, sharing resources, and leading workshops and courses. Available for filmmakers, creatives and professionals seeking support moving through individual ventures and assignments.

Edit Media Homepage
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Teaching Media is a faculty-driven initiative dedicated to researching, developing, and educating about best practices in inclusive teaching in college-level media production.

Firelight Media // Beyond Resilience Series Future Visions: BIPOC. FIlmmakers on this Movement, This Industry + Cultural Change

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